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Natural For All Pet Food

Made with good-for-you ingredients like real meats & vitamin-rich veggies, our dog food brings
your best buddy tons of tastes & textures to nourish both inside & out.
It’s that simple: 100% complete and balanced.

Our Dog Food

Explore our fine selection of dry food,
canned food and treats.

Our Cat Food

Explore our fine selection of dry food,
canned food and treats.

Our Nutrition Philosophy

All natural complements with real white meat chicken or flaked tuna, accented with veggies,
and served in an irresistible variety of lickable broths.

Super Foods Inclusions

Nutrient-packed ingredients
like carrots, pumpkin,

Vitamins C & E

Nature's antioxidants to help
support your pet's
immune system.

Ocean Fish Meal

A balanced protein to help support
muscle growth as well as healthy
skin and coat.

Omega Fatty Acids

An optimum balance of
Omega 3 and 6 fatty
acids to promote.

Taurine & L-Carnitine

Taurine to support heart health. In
cats, this amino acid cannot be

Natural Prebiotic Fiber

Help to support your pet’s overall
digestive health and nutrient




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Our Products

We offer quick & easy services for both dogs and cat of various breeds. No matter their
size or age, we can provide positive grooming experience.

Organic pet food

Switch to Organic

87% of the pet owners see positive results after switching to
Yarrah organic food. Easily order the food that fits your dog
or cat in our webshop via the button below.

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